Unofficial Cycle Routes

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There are various official cycle routes in the Glasgow area but here are some suggestions for linking between them or for going to different areas. None of these routes are signposted as cycle routes and you will need a decent map. If you are a confident fast cyclist you will probably want to stick to the main roads, but if not, you may wish to try out these routes which have less traffic on them (normally) than the main roads will have. Organisers of rides are welcome to try out these routes with a view to holding rides over them, but do try them out first in case you don't like them.

Some routes are prettier than others; some go out into the countryside, while others are entirely urban. The variety of different qualities of housing stock, land use and open spaces is quite marked in the Glasgow area and this is reflected in the routes. One moment you might be cycling through a well-to-do suburb, the next a run-down council scheme, then suddenly arrive in open countryside. Don't claim there isn't diversity on these routes.

Please remember to obey the Highway Code, don't cycle on footways or where there are "No Cycling" signs and have respect for other road-users or path-users. Gates and steps are mentioned where present, except gates on canal towpaths which are assumed, but no mention is given to stopped up roads with no exception for cyclists, or missing dropped kerbs where paths intersect roads. Also, please ensure your bike is in good working order. Take lights if you may be out during the hours of darkness, and dress in an appropriate manner for the likely conditions.

Some parts of these routes are featured in rides organised by Go Bike (visitors welcome). Numerous links are provided throughout these descriptions to local maps and other relevant webpages.


For details of the National Cycle Network see Sustrans, which includes detailed route mapping. For details of other main cycle routes in the Glasgow area see Scottish Canals. Of the local council websites, only North Lanarkshire (see SMARTways map) and Argyll & Bute have any information on cycle routes available at present, although further afield Fife does. See also Ayrshire Paths for cycle routes throughout Ayrshire.

More suggested cycle routes are available courtesy of Bikely, Cycle Route (Scottish Routes), and North Lanarkshire Council, while for the Borders and Lothians see Cycle Routes - SE Scotland & NE England. If that isn't enough, see Cycle 'n' Sleep.

For online cycle route mapping see Sustrans.

Website by Andy Preece