Unofficial Cycle Routes - Paisley to Renfrew and Braehead

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This route links Paisley to its neighbouring town, Renfrew, including links to the Renfrew-Yoker Ferry and the Braehead Shopping Centre. Cross the river on the Renfrew Ferry and you can continue along the unofficial cycle route to Blairdardie and Milngavie. Alternatively, stay on the south side of the river and follow the unofficial cycle route to Glasgow.

Braehead Shopping Centre cycle parking

The start for this route is Abbey Close in Paisley, which is also used by the unofficial cycle route from the Clyde Tunnel. Heading north, cross Gauze Street and go up Smithhills Street. Central Road on the left links to Paisley Gilmour Street Station but carry straight on to cross both halves of the inner ring road. (In the opposite direction you will need to use the shared-use foot and cycleway on the western side of the otherwise one-way section of road between the two portions of the ring road.) Head straight up Abercorn Street, the Renfrewshire Council cycle route to Glasgow Airport turns left at the ring road, then take the first right, Hamilton Street. At the end of Hamilton Street, turn left onto the main Renfrew Road and first right (at Reid Kerr College) into Netherhill Road.

At the far end of Netherhill Road, fork right and cross the pavement, into Merlin Way. Turn left out of Merlin Way then right into a road leading to some lock-up garages. At the end of this road use the short path and turn left onto the main road. After crossing the M8 motorway bridge turn right onto the path between the health club and the church. This path leads to Cockels Loan. Here turn right for Braehead or go straight on along Sandy Road for Renfrew Town Centre and the ferry.

To get to Renfrew Town Centre, turn left at the end of Sandy Road, then immediately right into Queen Street. Turn left at the far end into High Street. To continue to the Renfrew-Yoker Ferry turn right at the traffic signals into Canal Street which becomes Ferry Road. (If coming from the ferry carry straight on from Canal Street into Hairst Street, turn next left into Glebe Street and then third right into Sandy Road.)

To get to Braehead, head along Cockels Loan and take the first right, Afton Drive, after the road curves away from the M8 motorway. Take the third right, Teith Avenue, then right, left, right into Loyne Drive. At the end of this road turn left into the remains of Mossland Road. At the end of this road cross over Glasgow Road and head along King's Inch Road. Take care turning right at the big roundabout to get to the shopping centre or carry on to the next roundabout and turn right there. There are lots of cycle parking stands all around the shopping centre, albeit of a strange design.

Website by Andy Preece