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I've listed a few music videos that feature cycling, along with information about them. Click on the pictures to see the videos.

Sue Denim - Bicycle

This song is called "Bicycle" so it is only appropriate that the video is cycle-themed too. Sue Denim rides her bike through a photo-montage of London scenes and various cycling-related info-graphics. After a crash, the video goes into fantasy mode, and Sue's inflated bike takes her to the moon!

Bat For Lashes - What's A Girl To Do?

This video was filmed at the Transport Research Laboratory near Wokingham, where there is an assortment of odd roads through some woodland usually used for research purposes, hence the rural pedestrian crossings and unlit streetlights. The lack of other traffic is fortunate since it most likely would have driven into Natasha when she was on the wrong side of the road. The sign for the A4 junction is a red herring! Look out for the synchronised bunnyhops.

Lily Allen - LDN

Lily Allen is seen cycling through the streets and parks of London on her Chopper. Look out for the taxi that cut her up, despite her hi-viz attire!

She Makes War - Slow Puncture

Another ride around London, this time from She Makes War, aka Laura Kidd. Another menacing taxi, but Laura's riding position prevents the driver from making a risky overtake. Not all is good, however, since her back tyre looks a bit flat. But that's the name of the song after all!

Sati Kazanova featuring Arsenium - Do Rassveta (Until Dawn)

Also being persued by a taxi is Sati Kazanova. Sati cycles around the cobbled streets of Baku. Arsenium is in the taxi. The song is also available in a Spanish and English version Porque Te Amo (Because I Love You).

Brazilian Girls - Good Time

The Brazilian Girls, who are neither Brazilian nor all girls, take to their bikes in this video and have a good time riding along the pavement.

The Frank and Walters - The Parson

The Frank and Walters go for a ride along a beach in County Dublin, with the singer Paul Linehan actually riding into the sea! The whole video is shot in one take.

Einstein Girls - Balerini (Ballerinas)

Also taking bikes onto a beach are the Einstein Girls (Devushki Einsteina), although they only push their bikes. Einstein Girls feature Rita Chelmakova, formerly of RitZ.

Pilar - Molchat (Be Quiet)

Another band on bikes is Pilar, who ride around Moscow, near the extravagant Peter the Great Monument. This extraordinary statue dates from as recently as 1997!

Victoria Daineko - Ya Prosto Srazu Ot Tebya Uydu (I Will Simply Leave You At Once)

Vika Daineko gets followed around by a guy on a bike. She gets away by taking a flight of stairs. (Clearly a Dr Who fan!)

The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Morrissey and the gang cycle around Salford, without any punctures or desolate hillsides. All with sensible bicycles, not a mountain bike in sight! Also of interest will be Bigmouth Bikes Again!

Mungo's Hi Fi featuring Pupajim - Bike Rider

Another mass riding video is this one from Mungo's Hi Fi. The video features nearly every possible form of cycle, showing city cycling, mountain biking, cargo bikes, cycle polo, and bicycle maintenance, with much of the footage shot in and around Glasgow. They all end up back at The Bike Station.

Sugarcubes - Motorcrash

The Sugarcubes' keyboard player turns up at the scene of various motorcrashes on her bike.

Alexandr Yakovlev - Znaesh (Know)

Alexandr Yakovlev rides about town on his bike, while some fingers do the walking.

Lenka - The Show

Lenka finds herself on a bike carrying her shopping home, but is suddenly whisked off somewhere else instead.

Mitt Piano - Du Säger Ingenting Det Säger Allt (You Say Nothing That Says It All)

Mitt Piano's Alexandra Ramnewall cycles around town in a strapless dress before abandoning her bike in some woods. Not very responsible!

Hikaru Utada - Keep Tryin'

Hikaru Utada uses lots of forms of transport in this video, cycling included.

Hatsune Miku - Once Upon A Me

Trains also feature strongly in this video by vocaloid Hatsune Miku, but she also finds time for some cycling, including up and down steep hills.

Sheena Easton - Morning Train (Nine To Five)

Sheena Easton demonstrates integrated transport by cycling to the station and boarding a train. Sheena's modus operandi wouldn't go down well nowadays since she cycles along the platform in contravention of railway byelaws!

Puffy - Atarashii Hibi (Brand New Days)

Ami and Yumi cycle about on empty roads, and even a beach, in this video.

Payushchie Trusi - Vafli (Waffles)

Payushchie Trusi (Singing Panties!!!) hang around the main square in Kyiv, with some guys doing BMX stunts.

Bogi - Mesehős

Hungarian singer Bogi also has a guy doing BMX tricks in her video, as well as at least one other bike.

Elena featuring Danny Mazo - Senor Loco

In addition to BMX tricks, this video has Danny Mazo turning up to meet Elena Gheorghe on a delivery bike, but Elena's backup dancers nick some of his cargo!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PonPonPon

Possibly the least strange thing that goes on in this video is Kyary unicycling across the set.

A-Studio - Begu K Tebe (Run To You)

A-Studio run about the streets of (presumably) Almaty, one of them performing some acrobatics on his bike, including cycling down some stairs (see Vika Daineko above).

Epik High - Up

Also up to cycle acrobatics are Epik High who visit a BMX/skatepark. The video features members of the group and others on bikes and boards, and ends with fireworks!

Reflex - Padali Zvezdi (Fallen Stars)

Irina and Alyona cycle to a photoshoot with DJ Silver, but later turn to violence!

Dream Girls - Because You Are Here

Puff Kuo of the Dream Girls has a friendlier encounter when she cycles to a café to meet a date, and then cycles home with him. While she is dressed for summer, he is wearing a duffle coat!

Natali - Oblaka (Clouds)

Natali gets chased about on a bike by a guy in a digger and a woman with some buckets. Natali's videos are always quite strange...

Ed Shulzhevskiy - Ona i On (Her and Him)

Ed and his woman ride around Copenhagan to meet up early one morning. This must be the first music video to feature a bike with a child's seat!

Crazy Girl - It's Bitchin'

Crazy Girl rides around Amsterdam and Hackney in this video.

Arash featuring Rebecca - Temptation

Arash chases Rebecca around on his ridiculous bike, ignoring basic safe cycling rules, and narrowly escaping injury in a bizarre accident. He eventually catches up, but not before jumping over enough cars to make Evel Knievel jealous!

Blestyashchie - Odnoklassniki (Classmates)

Half of Blestyashchie on bikes with the other two on rollerblades and one of those upright battery-powered scooter thingies. For all of Blestyashchie on static bikes see Agent 007.

T-ara - Like The First Time

Talking of static, T-ara orders a girl on a bike indoors, but it appears to be freewheeling on a stand. She will have to pedal fast to get fit on that!

SunnyHill - The Grasshopper Song

Working slightly harder is the ant in SunnyHill's "The Grasshopper Song". The song is Fables' story of The Ant and the Grasshopper, but told from the grasshopper's perspective. The first minute of the video is narration explaining this.

A.R.M.I.A. - Champion

Also going nowhere is Ukrainian girl group A.R.M.I.A. They use exercise bikes in a gym, in high heels!

B1A4 - What's Happening?

More indoor cycling, but this time on the move, a member of B1A4 rides around the room on a BMX.

G-Dragon - Crooked

Also cycling around furniture, but this time outside, is G-Dragon, leader of K-pop boyband Bigbang. Here G-Dragon rides around a sofa on a Chopper, in a video filmed in the East End of London, and includes one scene shot in the Greenwich Tunnel. Several other bikes feature, mostly stationary, during the course of the video. Akira The Don has covered the song and video.

Army Of Lovers - I Am

Army of Lovers don't go for the standard bicycle approach. Instead, they go dressin in Fyledalen, Southern Sweden, which involves pedalling a specially made tricycle along an old railway line. Apparently this is a popular pastime in Sweden. The video also features a pantomime horse.

IU - Good Day

IU also goes for a multiple occupancy cycle, in her case a standard rickshaw. She gets carried across town, including through alleyways that were never designed for rickshaws, standing up. She passes the Vesuvio Bakery, which is also seen in the Twinkle Twinkle video by Girl's Day. Or maybe it's like Greggs.

King Charles - Mississippi Isabel

King Charles has a couple of vintage trikes in the video for this song, a solo and a tandem. The solo tricycle has seriously big wheels!

CL - The Baddest Female

CL, or Chaelin Lee, has a couple of unusual 3-wheelers, a bike with what appears to be a spare wheel on the back, and some sort of a pram-trike combo. In amongst the usual flashy cars and motorbikes.

pEp - Fietsen

Dutch group pEp have lots of bikes, and they use this to good effect in this video. The girls ride around Amsterdam on various bikes, and a bakfiets (cargo-trike). The video also acts as a useful introduction to Dutch cycle infrastructure and attitudes to cycling.

Fin.K.L. - Ruby

Another band on bikes is Fin.K.L, or Fin (French for Finish) Killing Liberty. The group ride bikes about, enjoying their freedom. The group's line-up includes Lee Hyori, who now has a successful solo singing career.

Perfume - Natural Ni Koishite (Be In Love Naturally)

Perfume don't actually cycle in this video. Instead they get chased by a flying bike!

Banana Girl - Kiss

Banana Girl's bike has a horn which probably sounds like the one The Vaselines used on Molly's Lips.

GLAM - Party (XXO)

A member of girl group GLAM rides her bike through the air, supported by balloons. Quite where the forward propulsion comes from is not clear.

Momoiro Clover Z - Moretsu Uchu Kokyokyoku Dai 7 Gakusho 'Mugen no Ai' (Bodacious Space Symphony 7th Movement 'Infinite Love')

The girls from Momoiro Clover Z ride their bikes through space. This is a theme song of Japanese anime "Bodacious Space Pirates" and features Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) on guitar.

Mighty Mouth - Tok Tok

Shorry J of Mighty Mouth rides about town on his BMX with his friends, while wearing big headphones. (Don't wear headphones while cycling, not on roads at least!)

Kara - Winter Magic

Goo Hara enters the scene of Kara's "Winter Magic" video riding her bike, but then decides to try and balance a plant pot on the seat. This is a not altogether successful venture and the bike topples over!

Dya - Don't Know

Dya (who is really called Diana Prepelita) also has a wintery scene for her video, where she cycles her snow-covered bike through some clouds.

Kitty Cowell featuring MK - We Keep On Partying

Kitty hits the cycle paths and coach parks of the Cardiff Bay area, but her own attempts at riding a fixie aren't too successful and she falls off!

Blümchen - Bicycle Race

Blümchen takes on the Queen song and treats it to her modern, upbeat sound. Not for the easily offended Queen fan! At the end of the video she rides her bike in seriously big heels - I think she needed to put the seat up specially!

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