Unofficial Cycle Routes - Renfrew to Glasgow

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This route links Renfrew to Glasgow, starting from the Renfrew-Yoker Ferry and passing the Braehead Shopping Centre and Govan on the southern bank of the River Clyde. This route follows main roads for much of its course, but none should be too busy to cycle on. Links are available using the other cycle routes available at the Renfrew Ferry, including the unofficial cycle routes from Paisley, Pollok and from Blairdardie and Milngavie.

Starting at the Renfrew-Yoker Ferry head away from the ferry along Ferry Road, then turn first left into King's Inch Road. On arrival at the Braehead Shopping Centre site turn left at the first roundabout to follow the side road towards the river, then turn right onto the riverside path. The path continues between the shopping centre and river, then passes the Clydebuilt Museum. Continue for a short distance past this and fork right shortly before the end of the path. A signed but very narrow cycle path connects the riverside path to King's Inch Drive. The cycle path widens out somewhat to run alongside this link road, but ends abruptly at the junction with Renfrew Road.

Turn left into Renfrew Road, and follow it as it turns to run parallel to the river. It also becomes Govan Road. Follow this road towards the City Centre, passing the Clyde Tunnel and a shipyard, then fork left at the following roundabout. (Actually, you could go either left or right here because the two roads join up again just past Govan subway station, and if using the route in the opposite direction, it is best to follow the main road, which is Golspie Street, to avoid the right turn into the section of Govan Road through the centre of Govan.)

Continue along Govan Road, leaving Govan, and follow the road as it turns inland to go round an old dock. Go left at the next roundabout, and follow the main road, which becomes Pacific Drive, as it heads over towards the river again. Pass the Glasgow Science Centre, then turn left to join Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 7, using Bell's Bridge to cross the river. Turn right on leaving the bridge and follow Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75 along the northern river bank to Glasgow City Centre or Glasgow Green, or indeed Cambuslang, Uddingston or however far towards Leith you wish to follow the route!

NB: Please note that Streetmap does not at present show any paths or rights of way that do not form part of vehicular roads. This means that Bell's Bridge mentioned above is not marked on the map. However, by clicking on this satellite photo, you will be able to verify that the bridge does indeed exist!

Website by Andy Preece