Unofficial Cycle Routes - Stirling to Callander

Website by Andy Preece

This route isn't strictly in the Glasgow area, but has been included for reference, since it allows people from Glasgow to take their bikes on the train to Stirling, and cycle the not unreasonable distance to Callander, rather than drive all the way there. Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 765 will eventually link Stirling with Callander, using the trackbed of the disused Dunblane to Callander railway line. However, the route described below can be used at present.

Map of route

Direction Route Name Comment
Start Stirling Station in Stirling
Head North 765 Goosecroft Road turn right exiting the station
3rd Right → 765 Wallace Street there is a crossing before the junction to assist, if you wish
↑ Straight Ahead 765 underpasses under A9 roundabout at end of road
Turn Right → 765 Stirling Bridge after underpasses
↑ Straight Ahead 765 Bridgehaugh Road
← Turn Left B823 Cornton Road at end of road
↑ Straight Ahead B823 Cornton Road across Cornton level crossing
↑ Straight Ahead B823 Fountain Road continuation of road
← 1st Left Allanvale Road just past Fire Station
Fork Right ↗ Union Street with main road (In opposite direction, turn into Fountain Road since this road is one-way)
← Turn Left 765A9 Henderson Street at mini-roundabout
← Turn Left road to Carse of Lecropt pass station and take next left
Fork Right ↗ unnamed road a while after passing beneath bridge under M9 motorway
Fork Right ↗ unnamed road following main road
↖ Fork Left unnamed road at Craigarnhall Farm
← Turn Left B824 unnamed road at end of road
← Turn Left A820 Ardoch Bank at end of road
↑ Straight Ahead A820 Main Street, Doune continuation of road
↖ Fork Left George Street at Doune Cross (In opposite direction, turn into Balkerach Street since this road is one-way)
← Turn Left A84 Bridge of Teith at end of road (You may wish to walk along the footway on this section, depending on the traffic)
1st Right → B8032 unnamed road immediately after bridge
↖ Fork Left B8032 unnamed road take left fork for Callander at Deanston
Fork Right ↗ B822 unnamed road at end of road
Fork Right ↗ A81 unnamed road at end of road
Turn Right →  7 A81 Bridge Street at mini-roundabout on arrival in Callander
Finish A84 Main Street in Callander

If you don't want to stop in Callander, fork left at the mini-roundabout at Bridge Street for Invertrossachs and the National Cycle Network Route 7 towards Aberfoyle. Route 7 towards Killin turns left off of Bridge Street just after the bridge over the river.

Website by Andy Preece