Unofficial Cycle Routes - South Nitshill to Barrhead

Website by Andy Preece

This route would be a useful link from Glasgow to Barrhead, connecting from the Silverburn Centre, Priesthill and Nitshill, but is of such poor quality it isn't reasonable to expect people to use it. However, it is included here in case it is ever upgraded. It can be accessed using the unofficial cycle route from the Silverburn Centre.

Starting from Woodhead Road, go to the western end of the road, at the junction with Whitriggs Road. Take the rough path on the right which goes over to follow the adjacent railway line. At the end of the path, turn left onto Salterland Road.

At the bottom of the dip in Salterland Road, you may notice a very rough path on the right. This path leads to a better path into Barrhead. However, it would be impossible to cycle on in its current state. Either walk along this path and then follow the much better quality path alongside the Levern Water into Barrhead, or divert by continuing along Salterland Road and turning right at the end onto the main Parkhouse Road (which becomes Darnley Road). Follow this road into Barrhead, carrying straight on at the roundabout for Main Street, or turn right at the roundabout into Dovecothall Street (which becomes Glasgow Road) to rejoin the path network.

From Glasgow Road, turn first left into Carlibar Road (or cross straight across Glasgow Road if coming from the previous section of the Levern Water Walkway) and you will see a marker post for the Levern Water Walkway, shortly followed by the path recommencing on the left. The path leads right past the town centre (on the left) and by rejoining Carlibar Road will get you to Barrhead Station (on the right).

Website by Andy Preece