Unofficial Cycle Routes - Strathaven to East Kilbride and Eaglesham

Website by Andy Preece

This route connects Strathaven to East Kilbride and Eaglesham, following the South Lanarkshire Council official cycle route but in reverse. For reasons best known to the council, the cycle route goes one way from East Kilbride to Strathaven, and returns via a different route! The return route involves going up a hill to a forest then down again to get to East Kilbride. Therefore the signs for cyclists using the more direct route only face one way. Furthermore, the signs also only commence on the outskirts of East Kilbride and Strathaven. An alternative of heading for Eaglesham is provided here. Strathaven can be accessed by following the unofficial cycle route from Strathclyde Park.

From the centre of Strathaven, Common Green, head north and go straight on at the traffic signals on Lethame Road. Take the second left after the lights, where Lethame Road turns left, and follow this road up the hill, forking right after a short distance, still following Lethame Road, then head out of the village past the sign for the cycle route. Take the first right after leaving the village, pass the duck pond at Nether Lethame, then turn left at the end of this road. Always look out for cycle route signs facing cyclists coming from the opposite direction.

After about three miles, turn left at the Cladance junction. Head straight on through Cladance and turn left at the next junction at Millwell. Follow this road straight on for about a mile and a half, then for East Kilbride turn right at the junction for Auldhouse, or continue straight on for Eaglesham.

For East Kilbride, go straight through Auldhouse (right then immediately left) and fork right at a cycle route sign showing a left turn. Go straight on at the roundabout at the edge of East Kilbride into Quarry Road, then fork right onto a path next to the bus stop, just past the first road turning on the right. This path leads past a school to an underpass. Go straight through the underpass and onto Whitehills Terrace on the other side. Turn right at the end into Murray Road and get to the town centre by using the cycle slip road and underpasses at the Murray Roundabout. Cross to the opposite side of Queensway for the town centre and also for the unofficial cycle routes to Glasgow Green and Strathclyde Park.

For Eaglesham, go straight past the Auldhouse junction and right at the next junction. This is followed by a right then left at the next pair of junctions, then left at the next junction at Dykeneuk. Follow this road over the bridges at Millhouse and Millhall, then turn right at the end onto the main road into Eaglesham. It is possible to continue to Thorntonhall by turning right at the shops near the Glasgow end of the village, or to Newton Mearns by a slightly busier road by taking the last left turn right on the edge of Eaglesham.

Website by Andy Preece