Unofficial Cycle Routes - Bellshill to Strathclyde Park

Website by Andy Preece

This route connects North Bellshill to Strathclyde Park using minor roads through Bellshill. This route joins with the unofficial cycle route from Eurocentral and Holytown as it nears Strathclyde Park.

Starting from Rosegreen Crescent, head south along Merlin Avenue, then turn left at the end into Hattonrigg Road. Follow this road right to the end, forking right at a roundabout, then go straight on through the underpass beneath elevated Campbell Street. Continue straight on along Emma Jay Road. On arrival in the town centre, turn left onto Main Street, then immediately right into Thorn Road. Pass under the railway bridge, then turn right into Noble Road. Take the first left into Thorndean Avenue and follow it until it veers to the left at a junction, where you should turn right into Roman Drive.

On reaching the end of this short road turn left into the side road part of Motherwell Road. From here you need to cross the main section of Motherwell Road, so either use the pedestrian crossing on your right, near the shops, or use the main junction and cross over into Bankhead Avenue. If using the pedestrian crossing, take Glenmore Avenue, next to the crossing, then turn second left into Cairnlea Gardens. If coming along Bankhead Avenue, turn left following the main road at the junction with Cairnlea Gardens. Continue straight on and right into Orbiston Road, which acts as a car park for a golf course. Follow this unsurfaced road parallel to Community Road.

Turn left into the entrance to Strathclyde Park, then follow this road over the railway line, and turn right after the golf course. Fork left after this and you will arrive at the shore of Strathclyde Loch. Turn left to head towards Motherwell or right to head towards Bothwell. Hamilton can be reached by going either way around the artificial loch.

Bothwellhaugh was a village located at what is now the bottom of Strathclyde Loch.

From Strathclyde Park you can follow the unofficial cycle routes to East Kilbride, which takes in Bothwell and Blantyre on the way, Uddingston also via Bothwell, the short link to Motherwell, or to Strathaven, via Hamilton and Glassford.

Website by Andy Preece