Unofficial Cycle Routes - Pollok Park to Merchant City

Website by Andy Preece

This route links Pollok Park to the City Centre and Merchant City, passing through Pollokshaws, Shawlands, Queen's Park and Govanhill. The latter section of this route follows an official cycle route, the South City Way, currently under construction. Connections may be made with the Sustrans National Cycle Network at Pollok Park and the City Centre.

Map of route

Direction Route Name Comment
Start Pollok Park main entrance on Pollokshaws Road
Head East Pollok Park exit the park
← Turn Left B769 Pollokshaws Road
1st Right → Christian Street at cycle gap in central reservation
← 1st Left Well Green following main road alignment
2nd Right → Greenview Street
↑ Straight Ahead Pleasance Street
↑ Straight Ahead Coustonholm Road
← Turn Left A77 Kilmarnock Road at end of road
1st Right → Regwood Street (in the other direction use Holmbank Avenue)
← 1st Left Deanston Drive
Turn Right → B768 Langside Avenue at end of road
↖ Fork Left Queen's Park fork left on paths entering Queen's Park and head towards pond
Fork Right ↗ Queen's Park fork right on reaching pond
↖ Fork Left Balvicar Drive exit park
↑ Straight Ahead Albert Avenue at Queen's Drive junction
← Turn Left South City Way Victoria Road at end of road
↑ Straight Ahead South City Way Pollokshaws Road at Eglinton Toll
↑ Straight Ahead A730South City Way Gorbals Street at Brazen Head
↑ Straight Ahead A8South City Way Gorbals Street at Gorbals Cross
Fork Right ↗ A8 Bridgegate after crossing Victoria Bridge
← 2nd Left King Street just before railway bridge
↑ Straight Ahead Candleriggs (this road will shortly be made two-way for cycling at this end)
← 1st Left Wilson Street to avoid remaining one-way section of Candleriggs
1st Right → Brunswick Street
Finish Ingram Street in Merchant City

To access the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75, turn left after crossing Victoria Bridge and go down the ramp onto the riverside path.

Website by Andy Preece