Unofficial Cycle Routes - Muirhead to Palacerigg, Cumbernauld and Mollinsburn

Website by Andy Preece

This route leaves the North Lanarkshire Council Glasgow to Cumbernauld Cycle Route and continues via country lanes to Palacerigg Country Park. The route is intersected by the unofficial cycle route from Coatbridge to Strathblane, and there are options to return to Glasgow via Cumbernauld. The first mile of this route is along the busy A752 within Muirhead village.

Map of route

Direction Route Name Comment
Start CumbernauldA80 Cumbernauld Road in Muirhead
Head North East CumbernauldA80 Cumbernauld Road towards Cumbernauld on shared footway
↑ Straight Ahead A80 Cumbernauld Road on A80 footway where cycle route crosses A80 into Muirhead village
Turn Right → A752 Station Road at foot of ramp
← Turn Left A752 Drumcavel Road at mini-roundabout
↖ Fork Left Drumcavel Road where main road forks right up hill
↑ Straight Ahead Birkenshaw Road road changes name
Turn Right → Mollinsburn Road at end of road in South Medrox
↖ Fork Left Gain Road in South Medrox
↑ Straight Ahead Gain & Shankburn Road at B802 crossroads
↑ Straight Ahead Cullochrig Road road changes name
← Turn Left Blackbog Road road changes name at bend in road where minor track continues straight on
← Turn Left B8039 Stirling Road at end of road after crossing A73 flyover
1st Right → Hulks Road straight after joining B8039
← Turn Left unnamed road in Wester Glentore shortly after farm buildings
[OPTION] Turn Right → Palacerigg Country Park to get to Palacerigg Country Park
← Turn Left Visitors' Centre at car park
[MAIN ROUTE] ↑ Straight Ahead unnamed road to get to Cumbernauld and Mollinsburn
← Turn Left B8054 Lenziemill Road at end of road at foot of hill
↑ Straight Ahead B8054 Lenziemill Road at double roundabout with B8039
Turn Right → Greenfaulds Station at path to railway footbridge next to station car park
← Turn Left Greenfaulds Cyclepath immediately after railway footbridge next to station
↑ Straight Ahead Greenfaulds Cyclepath at Locksley Road crossing
← Turn Left path to Scott Drive after right turn at corner
↑ Straight Ahead path across A73 footbridge at Scott Drive crossing
Turn Right → Chapelton Road at end of path next to roundabout
↖ Fork Left Chapelton Road at roundabout
↑ Straight Ahead Myvot Road at B802 crossroads
Fork Right ↗ Myvot Road at Wester Myvot glasshouses
↑ Straight Ahead Airdrie Road at T-junction
← Turn Left Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Road at end of road
Finish Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Road in Mollinsburn

This is back on the North Lanarkshire Council Cumbernauld to Glasgow Cycle Route. Continue straight on to follow it back towards Muirhead and Glasgow.

Website by Andy Preece