Unofficial Cycle Routes - Bothwell to Rutherglen and Glasgow Green

Website by Andy Preece

This route starts in Bothwell and passes through Blantyre and High Blantyre before going over Dechmont Hill to descend through Cambuslang to Rutherglen, before continuing through Toryglen to get to Crosshill and Glasgow Green. The route is mainly on quiet country and suburban roads, and takes an alternative route from the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75 which heads to Glasgow from nearby Uddingston.

From Bothwell Main St turn into Blantyre Mill Road. Go down the hill and take the David Livingstone Memorial Footbridge across the River Clyde to Blantyre.

Follow Station Road up past the Blantyre Station entrance road and Woodburn Avenue and take the next left into Blantyre Public Park (also known as McAnulty Park). Turn right once inside the park and head over towards Glasgow Road. At the path junction at some bushes, fork slightly left of straight on and go along the path through the bushes. On arrival at the busy Glasgow Road, cross with care straight over into Victoria Street. Follow this road right to the very end, passing through a set of posts, then turn right onto High Blantyre Main Street. At the junction with a large sign saying the straight on route is a dead end go straight on. The sign lies. Shortly after this road becomes a dual carriageway, the west bound carriageway stops dead and all traffic has to turn right onto a minor road, Stoneymeadow Road. This minor road leads to East Kilbride. After a mile or so, take a right turn onto a side road, where there is a cycle route sign pointing right. Fork left at the next two junctions (part of a triangular junction) and continue straight along this road.

Pass the Clyde 2 transmitter masts, then fork right where there is a 'No Through Road except cycles' sign. Continue along this road, Turnlaw Road, past a gate. The gradient gets quiet steep and in places the surface is poor, so watch your speed! At the bottom, past another gate, turn right onto the main East Greenlees Road. At the end, turn left into Cairns Road.

If you wish, you can go through Cambuslang Park on the left. Fork right in the park at any junctions you come to. Otherwise carry along Cairns Road until the end and turn left into Vicarland Road. At the end, or on exiting the park, turn right into the busy Greenlees Road and first left into Brownside Road. Continue straight along Brownside Road for over a mile, then turn right into Hawthorn Walk.

Go straight on at the mini-roundabout into Calderwood Road. Pass the school, and go straight on at a second mini-roundabout. Just before the third mini-roundabout, turn left into Melrose Avenue. Cross straight across the main Stonelaw Road into Parkhill Drive, then turn first right into Clincarthill Road. Pass the school and go around to the left and over the hill. Clincarthill Road is one-way, so if going the other way, use Balvaird Drive and Johnstone Drive.

At the end of Clincarthill Road, and just before the footbridge, turn right into Greenhill Street. At the end turn left into Greenhill Road, then first right into the remaining section of the original Mill Street, now a dead-end. At the end, turn left onto the path down to the underpass. Go through the first underpass, then turn right through the second. Climb back up to ground level and turn left into Chapel Street. Take the first right, Liddoch Way, and go round the back of the houses. At the car parking area, take the path off to the left. Follow this path to its end in Western Avenue, turning left into the road, then right into Toryglen Road.

At the end of Toryglen Road, continue straight on along a path, which at the time of writing is in a despicable condition. At the end of the path, turn left into Prospecthill Circus and follow this circular road round to the opposite side of the estate. Here you will find a better path continuing straight on in the same direction. At the end of the path either go straight on down some steps to go to Crosshill via Dixon Road across the other side of the main Aikenhead Road crossing, or turn right into Polmadie Road to get to Glasgow Green. This whole junction will be rebuilt shortly, with no improvement for cyclists making these manoeuvres, as part of the M74 extention project, with Polmadie Road becoming a main and busy road. From Polmadie Road, at the second set of traffic signals, get onto the footway and continue straight on onto a path to cross the River Clyde into Glasgow Green.

Turn left after crossing the river if you wish to follow the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75 towards the City Centre and Bell's Bridge.

Website by Andy Preece