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My Favourite Bands

Fabrika - Фабрика

Fabrika's first album 'Devushki Fabrichnie'Fabrika's new line up - Sasha, Sasha, IraFabrika are my favourite band, and when I found out they were playing in London, I jumped on a train and headed down to see them. See the photos from the Russian Winter Festival. You will get a good idea of the group's work by looking at their Youtube channel and music videos.

Fabrika formed in 2002 on the first series of the Fabrika Zvezd (Star Factory) TV programme, from where they took their name. However, unlike so many other groups formed that way, they are still going over seven years later, and are more creative than ever. No two Fabrika songs sound the same, and they use a huge variety of instruments, styles and ideas for songs and videos. They also perform a number of one-off songs on TV shows, particularly at Christmas and New Year.

Fabrika consists of singers Irina Toneva (Ira), Alexandra Savelieva (Sasha) and Alexandra Popova (also Sasha). Although they can play instruments, the music is left to producer Igor Matvienko who writes most of the music and some of the lyrics. Maria Alalikina (Masha), Sataney Kazanova (Sati) and Ekaterina Lee (Katya) are former members of the group.

Their first CD, Devushki Fabrichnie, was released in 2003, and a second album, My Takie Raznye, followed at the end of 2008.


See Moskva FM for online audio of most of Fabrika's songs. Click on the images to play the songs.


Making of "Sekret":

Other Songs from TV & Concerts


Fabrika Zvezd (Star Factory)

I've listed various video clips of Fabrika on Fabrika Zvezd 1 at Fabrika on Fabrika and Fabrika Zvezd Vozvrashchenie at Fabrika on Fabrika Again.

Other TV appearances & videos

Also, see True Voices and Ne Vinovataya Ya (I'm Not Guilty) from TV show Rozigrish (Draw). Another strange TV programme that featured Fabrika is Liga Natsiy (League of Nations), which even includes a couple of jokes in English! However, beware of Pro Buhlo.

Fabrika made an unusual appearance on Spy Numbers Station E6, also with Ne Vinovataya Ya. Indeed Fabrika appear in all sorts of odd places, including Interval Signals Online, where they can be heard on Radio Popsa. Samiy Populyarni indeed!

Furthermore, see Ira getting a Lie Detector Test, while Sati gets soaked in Stenka na Stenku (Wall on Wall/Hole in the Wall), and Sasha goes iceskating in Ice Age and does quite well!

If you'd ever wondered what I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue would look like on television, it might look like Horoshih Shutok (Good Joke)!

Not to be confused with the Czech Fabrika, the Egyptian Fabrica, the French Fabrika or the Japanese Fabrika. Oh no, yet another Fabrika and Fabrikat!

For Keeps...

Watch Ira fooling a friend on TV show Rozigrish (Draw) Part 1 and Part 2 (large files - 'right click' and 'save as').

There are plenty of TV concert appearances available for download, in high quality, at Superiorpics.

Further information...

In Russian: In English:
  • Fabrika in Wikipedia
  • Online translation: Babelfish and Google Translate
  • Set up your computer so you can type in Cyrillic
  • A Pop Fan's Guide to Russian - my starter's guide to the alphabet and language for pop fans
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Listen to excerpts from Shebang’s second album 'So Come On'Shebang from their first album 'The Whole Shebang'My previous favourite band was Shebang. They released three albums: The Whole Shebang, So Come On and Go! Go! Go!. Possible influences might have included The Ramones, Go-Go’s, Ash, The Donnas, Beach Boys, Shampoo, Puffy AmiYumi, etc. Buy their CDs online now at CDON. See also Shebang on Youtube.

The group consisted of singers Marina Ljung and Betty Dittrich, and Betty replaced Yohanna Tholin who left the group after the second album. There was also a backing band who played all the instruments, and appeared on stage at live concerts and in some of the videos. Songs were usually written by external songwriters but some were written by Marina, and Shebang have even sung a couple of songs written by Laura Shavin (of The Now Show). It appears the band split in 2008.


See also Shebang in the film "Eva och Adam" (Eve and Adam).

Not to be confused with the American Shebang or the Eighties Shebang.


Before that my favourite bands and artistes have included Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls, Inspiral Carpets, Tanita Tikaram and Strawberry Switchblade.


The future is K-pop!

Other bands I like at the moment? Changes all the time. Instruments I like are: theremin, glockenspiel, musical saw, harpsichord, ondioline, bowed guitar, ticking clocks, typewriters, milk bottles, ping-pong, moog, Optigan, prepared piano, electric rake, toy piano, triangle, and anything that does not stick to the standard guitar/bass/drums set up. See Experimental Musical Instruments and Odd Music for more. I don’t play any instruments in case you are wondering.

See the Stop, Look, Listen!!! page for more music I like, and the What's That Tune??? page for music I like but don't know what it is.

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