Фабрика на Фабрика - Fabrika on Fabrika

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Group Fabrika on Fabrika Zvezd - Star Factory - Series 1

Fabrika formed in 2002 on the first series of the Fabrika Zvezd (Star Factory) TV programme, from where they took their name. They ended up coming second to boy band Korni (Roots). I have tried here to put together a collection of video clips from their appearances.

The original line-up of Fabrika was Sati Kazanova, Ira Toneva, Sasha Savelieva and Masha Alalykina. Masha left the group to continue her university studies. The remaining three continued unaltered until Sati was replaced by Katya Lee in 2010.

Studio Concerts

Each week the contestants had to perform on a weekly TV show, either duetting with established pop stars, or on their own.

Ira with Ivanushki International - Severnaya Zvezda (Northern Star)

Ira with Pavel Artemyev of Korni - Ponimaesh (Understand)

Ira with Vitas - Opera No.2

Igor Krutoy and FZ1 - Angel Hranitel (Guardian Angel)

Lyube and FZ1 - Kon (Horse)

Sati and Sasha with two of the boys - Pro Lyubov (About Love)

Sati with Valeriy Leontev - Yarmarki (Fairs)

Masha with Lesha of Korni - Razlyubi i Zabud (Fall out of love and forget)

Masha and Sasha with Litsey - Ti Stanesh Vzrosloy (You Will Become An Adult)

Sergey Mazaev and FZ1 - Slavyanskie Tantsi (Slavonic Dances)

Sasha with Fabrika - Oi Da (Oh Yes)

Patricia Kaas with FZ1


Some rehearsals made it onto the TV and Youtube.

Dance rehearsals for "Oi Da"

Ira and Pasha Artemyev

Sati as Animal Tamer

Rehearsing whilst being "filmed" by Sasha Astashenok

Compilation of rehearsals

Sasha with Misha Grebenchikov and various others - song about Nadezhda Babkina

The Star House

For the duration of the show, the contestants lived in a "Big Brother" style house, where they were also filmed.

The girls singing in the bedroom

The Olympisky Finale Concert

The series finished with a big concert in the Olympisky Arena in Moscow.

Ira with Vitas - Opera No.2

Fabrika - Pro Lyubov (About Love)

The Fabrika Zvezd song

There's more FZ1 footage at the Official Fabrika Fanclub (at foot of page). See also Fabrika on Star Factory.

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