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What's That Tune???

Normally songs come on the radio and the DJ says what the songs are. However, it doesn't always happen, and even a search on the internet reveals nothing. However, someone must know, so here are some songs I want identified. No prizes, but any correct answers received will be published below.

♫ Living in a Kitchen ♫

The lyric to this goes "All this living in a bloody London kitchen, I deserve better than this. I want to go home!" But want on earth is it all about? Take a listen.

♫ Toy Box ♫

This is a version of Portishead's Glory Box from the 1990s, but with the words changed to "Give me a Weeble to wobble". Take a listen.

♫ For Whom Do The Bells Toll? ♫

To Norway now, for some dark metal nonsense from the eighties. This track involves a lot of deep, indecipherable shouting and chanting, some bell-ringing, then ends up with a lone bell ringing against the sound of a stormy wind. Take a listen. Any ideas?

♫ I Only Have This Excerpt ♫

This rather manic piece starts "Here's my advice to all amateurs planning to give a performance" (from Edgar Bergen's Lessons in Ventriloquism), then samples Mark E Smith saying "What really went on there? We only have this excerpt" (from The Fall's "Cruiser's Creek"), but who is passing on this advice? Take a listen.

►► If you know what any of these tunes are, then please email me and tell me what they are.

What Was That Tune??? - Answers to the above

♪ Drum 'n' Bass 'n' Piano Concerto ♪

Another cheeky sample here, with the genres of Drum 'n' Bass and Classical being skilfully fused together, to produce a rather good track, but who deserves the credit? The sample is "Theme from 'Love Story'".
Thanks to the Sony TrackID programme on my phone, this has been identified as John Gotti's Revenge by Vinylgroover & Trixxy.

♪ Drum 'n' Bass 'n' Mariah Carey? ♪

Some cheeky monkey took one of Mariah's songs and set it to a Drum 'n' Bass backing. But who was it?
Also identified by the Sony TrackID programme on my phone is Black by DJ SS.

♪ Franc-o-phone ♪

This strange but pleasant little ditty is a French duet about the telephone. Who is it by and what is it called?
Thanks to the users of, this is Sur Ton Repondeur by Notre Dame (Arnaud Fleurent-Didier).

♪ Na-na На-на ♪

Another Russian pop song, this time from 2006, has a chorus that goes "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na" x 4, with a female singer singing to start with against a very minimal accompaniment, then building up to a power-ballad chorus. The chorus singers return again towards the end with their "Na-nas". Who is it by?
After much searching on lyrics sites for На-на-на-на-на-на-на-на-на, this turned out to be Uletayu (Fly Away) by Kazakhstan's A-Studio, from 2005.

♪ The Bed Scene ♪

This Russian pop song from Summer 2007 has a chorus that appears so go "The Bed Scene, The Bed Scene", but doesn't since it is in Russian. However, the words are vaguely like that, and seeing as Robots In Disguise did a song of that name, that is what I am calling it. Sung by a female singer. A check of the previews on Russian MP3 and chart sites hasn't revealed anything, so, can you?
Would you Adam & Eve it - this one is also by A-Studio! The song is actually called Begu K Tebe (Run To You).

Loopzone - Guilty of Seduction

♪ Guilty of Seduction ♪

John Peel played this abrasive electronic number sometime in the nineties, and has a chorus that goes "Guilty of Seduction, Guilty of Seduction". Assuming that's the title, that just leaves the artiste. Who is this one by?
I don't know whether it just wasn't on the internet until recently but a quick search has revealed that it is Loopzone.

Marina Kapuro - Krasniy Kon (Red Horse)

♪ Marina Kapuro & Yabloko ♪ Марина Капуро и группа "Яблоко" ♪

This is a live recording of Marina Kapuro and her band Yabloko (Apple) in concert from the late eighties. Since this song isn't on my CD by Marina and co, the question is: what is the song? Take a listen.
This song is called Krasniy Kon (Red Horse), and the concert could well be the 8th All-Union Competition in Sochi in 1986. Marina has now released a recording of this song as the title track to her album released in 2009.

Here is the same song performed by Natasha Korolova.

Crash Course in Science - Kitchen Motors

♪ Kitchen Motors ♪

I now have tracked down a copy of the song that went “I need my motors, I need my kitchen motors…” by Crash Course In Science. It's on a compilation EP called "Street Beat 79" by Dottores Kranky Disco Band, under the guise of "Kitchen Refurbishment".

Dottores Kranky Disco Band - Street Beat 79

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