Фабрика на Фабрика - Fabrika on Fabrika Again

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Group Fabrika on Fabrika Zvezd Vozvrashchenie - Star Factory Returns

Fabrika formed in 2002 on the first series of the Fabrika Zvezd (Star Factory) TV programme, from where they took their name. In 2011 they participated in Fabrika Zvezd Vozvrashchenie (Star Factory Returns) where several of the artistes who achieved fame through Star Factory competed in a sort of battle of the bands to see who would become the most popular. Four producers competed, each starting with three artistes, and each week one act was eliminated. In the end Victoria Daineko (winner of series 5) won, who records for Fabikra's producer, Igor Matvienko.

The line-up of Fabrika in this series was Ira Toneva, Sasha Savelieva and Katya Lee. This was Katya's first time as a participant in Star Factory. As before, vocals were live.

Studio Concerts

Each week the contestants had to perform on a weekly TV show, either duetting with other pop stars, or on their own.

12 March: Devushki Fabrichnie (Factory Girls) Initial show with no eliminations

19 March: Pozvoni Mne, Pozvoni (Call Me, Call) First show with jury marking each act

26 March: Kukla (Doll) Fabrika's first appearance playing instruments live since the original Star Factory, with Ivanushki International song

2 April: Ostanys (Stay) Fabrika performing with Gorod 312

9 April: Lev i Bradobrey (The Lion and the Barber) Song from film "Goodbye Mary Poppins" (Film theme night)

16 April: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Fabrika's first performance of a whole song in English (Ira does not speak much English) (International theme night)

23 April: Devushki iz Visshego Obshchestva (Girls from High Society) Using the whole theatre as a performance space!

30 April: Nevesta (Bride) Mumiy Troll song (Wedding theme night)

7 May: Moskvichi (Muscovites) Victory Day weekend (War songs theme night)

(14 May was Eurovision weekend)

21 May: Ya Tebya Zatseluyu (I Send You Lots of Kisses) Slow version, with rap!

28 May: Ostanovki (Stop) Final

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