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Cranhill - Coatbridge: via Drumpellier Country Park

This route diverges from the direct Cranhill to Coatbridge route, then rejoins it, having visited Drumpellier Country Park. It is intended for those going to the park from either eastern Glasgow or Coatbridge, or stop off there on the way between the two places.

Map showing possible future cycle routes between Glasgow East and Coatbridge

This route diverges from the direct Cranhill - Coatbridge route at Netherhouse Road, although it is also possible to join it directly from Easterhouse scheme.

At the north end of Netherhouse Road, the route turns right into Commonhead Road. The biggest challenge is crossing the A752 from Commonhead Road into Drumpellier Country Park. The junction is remote from any other junction or crossing, and traffic on the main road is travelling quite fast. This may have some bearing on the type of crossing that could be used.

The bridge over the Monkland Canal that links with Drumpellier Country ParkOnce across the road, a section of new path would have to be created through some woodland in Drumpellier Country Park. A disused railway cutting would also have to be crossed next to the A752, but once in the park, existing paths can be joined to connect to the different areas of the park.

The exit from the park is already formed. The path to the bridge over the Monkland Canal only needs signage so people can find it. Once over the bridge the canal and the direct Cranhill - Coatbridge route are joined for the remainder of the journey into Coatbridge.

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