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Firstly I am listing all proposals for cycle routes currently being progressed that I know about in the Strathclyde area. Below that are some (old) ideas of my own.

Council Area Roads Authority Principal Beneficiary Route Number(s) Scheme Cycle Provision Cost (where known) Comments
Argyll & Bute Argyll & Bute Council Cycles Cardross to Helensburgh cycle route Off-road path £630,000
East Ayrshire East Ayrshire Council Cycles Galston to Newmilns cycle route Off-road path £113,000 The project aims to construct a path to Cycle by Design standards between Galston and Newmilns in the Irvine Valley in East Ayrshire. This will follow an existing poor quality path. The overall length of path is circa 1350m. The project is to produce detailed specifications and a programme of works. The project will also include designing a route through Galston to connect with the existing path between Galston Hurlford (The Chris Hoy Way).
East Dunbartonshire East Dunbartonshire Council Cycles Kirkintilloch Active Travel Infrastructure Improvements Off-road path This project is to develop the infrastructure and public realm spaces required to complete and enhance the experience for cyclists, pedestrians and other path users. The works will include; the design and delivery of 3 "cycle friendly" road crossings; bike and pedestrian priority crossing points and routes through the centre of Kirkintilloch and the upgrading of the public area, "Barleybank" in the centre of Kirkintilloch to provide a central point, approachable from all routes, from which cyclists will be able to access all local services and attractions.
East Dunbartonshire East Dunbartonshire Council Cycles Lenzie Active Travel Links Off-road path This project is part of a Lenzie wide project which aims to provide high quality infrastructure to support and encourage the use of active travel and public transport with the introduction of a sustainable modal interchange at Lenzie Station combined with improved on and off road parking management within the vicinity of the Station. The project will increase walking and cycling both for recreation and commuting. The overall project will be split into 3 elements
1) Parking and public transport access to the station
2) Lenzie village centre improvements and
3) Improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians focusing on the links between NCN 755 and Lenzie Station.
East Renfrewshire East Renfrewshire Council Cycles Barrhead and Neilston Cycle Design In 2013 and 2014 we would like to focus our attentions on designing cycling improvements in the Barrhead and Neilston areas in particular. Key connections which will be designed include: improving connections to the proposed Barrhead to Paisley link from Barrhead and Neilston; improved links to the Dams to Darnley Country Park; improved links from Barrhead and Neilston to the Levern Walkway and improving links within Barrhead. Links within Neilston will centre on utilising the disused railway line, a project identified by the local community in Neilston Town charter.
East Renfrewshire East Renfrewshire Council Cycles Levern Valley Way: Barrhead to Glasgow Off-road path The project completes a strategic piece in the expanding Barrhead network. Taking advantage of the green corridor on the banks of the Levern Water the project will connect Barrhead and Glasgow. To the south there is a good off road path through Barrhead town centre while immediately to the north there is network of routes into south Glasgow. A relatively small 800 metres of path will generate a large impact by connecting a town of 20,000 to Scotlandís largest city and building on the cycling growth created by Smarter Choices in Barrhead.
East Renfrewshire East Renfrewshire Council Cycles Thornliebank/Giffnock to Rouken Glen Park Cycle Route On-road cycle lanes This proposal for 2013/14 seeks to put these designs into action by building on previous projects, providng the following key improvements which in particular improve links to Rouken Park and are detailed in the drawings attached to this application:
=- Improvements to provide access to Church Road
=- Cycle lanes along Fenwick Road
=- Upgrade of signals to toucan crossing and lead in lanes on Fenwick Road at Eastwood Toll
=- Improvements within Eastwood Park
=- Improvements to dropped kerbs, shared footway and Upgrade of signals to toucan crossing along Rouken Glen Road
=- dropped kerbs and Cycle lanes along Rouken Glen Road
=- Upgrade of one leg of Rouken Glen Road/Woodfarm Road
=- Minor Improvements to improve access and connvectivity.
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles Glasgow Green to Cathkin Braes cycle route Shared-use footway £100,000 Complete from Hampden Stadium to Cathkin Braes. Additional leg along Aikenhead Road to have on-road cycle lanes as far as Cathcart Road junction.
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles Tradeston Cycling Scheme Segregated cycleway £250,000 Links to Tradeston Bridge.
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Buses Fastlink Shared-use footway £40,000,000
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles COLLEGES Colleges Cycle Route Upgrade (Hyndland to Jordanhill) On-road cycle lanes Upgrade of existing route
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles Newlands to Silverburn cycle route
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles Anderston to Finnieston cycle route Connects with Connect2 Anderston Bridge
Glasgow City Glasgow City Council Cycles Speirs Wharf to Townhead (Royal Infirmary) cycle route
Inverclyde Inverclyde Council Cycles 753 Inverkip to Wemyss Bay cycle route Off-road path £10,000 This project will extend the National Cycle Route 753 southwards from Inverkip Marina to Wemyss Bay rail and ferry terminal. This project is part of the "Inverclyde Coastal Route" which will link Wemyss Bay through Inverkip to Gourock and Greenock. It will also provide sustainable tranport links between the rail and ferry terminals at Gourock, McInroy's Point, Inverkip and Wemyss Bay. The route will pass through the site of the former Inverkip Power Station which is being redeveloped to create a sustainable urban village, named "Brueacre", of approx 500 houses and associated facilities.
North Ayrshire North Ayrshire Council Cycles 73 NCN Route 73 Kilwinning Station Community link Off-road path The project aims to implement the recommendations of the Safe Routes to Stations Report by creating a route between NCN Route 73 and Kilwinning Station. Kilwinning Station is a key transport hub for North Ayrshire and at present there is no direct link to the station from the NCN. This project will design and construct an off-road path between the two locations removing the need for users require to use Pennyburn Road which discourages active travel to and from the station. The new path will provide improved opportunities to for active travel, everyday journeys, create new opportunities for joined up sustainable travel and improve the linkage between Kilwinning and the NCN as a whole.
North Lanarkshire North Lanarkshire Council Cycles Airdrie to Eurocentral cycle route Off-road path
North Lanarkshire North Lanarkshire Council Cycles Auchinloch to Lenzie - Path Upgrade Off-road path We plan to widen and resurface the (generally) 1.4M path with a new bitmac material and improve the drainage in key locations. The Gadloch floods across an area of low point in the path and we intend to investigate options for mitigating against this, by constructing an embankment to raise the level of the path (plus possibly installing a short length of decking) plus potentially extending the length of the existing culvert. The path travels along the side of Lenzie Golf Club and they have already been party to our early discussions. We intend to provide a cycle channel up the length of the ramp in which cycle wheels could be tracked making it easier for cyclists. The handrail would move to the other side of the cycle channel, a chicane would be installed at the top and bottom of the stairs and an anti slip surface would be added to the steps.
North Lanarkshire Transport Scotland Cars M8 M8 motorway (Baillieston to Newhouse) Off-road path £500,000,000 Signed woodland track Showcase to Shawhead, new path Shawhead to Strathclyde Business Park
Renfrewshire Renfrewshire Council Cycles Paisley (Glasgow Road) cycle lanes On-road cycle lanes
Renfrewshire Renfrewshire Council Cycles 775 Elderslie cycle route upgrade Shared-use footway £40,000 New section of path connecting existing paths together
South Ayrshire South Ayrshire Council Cycles Loans to Troon - Links Construction On-road cycle lanes This project looks to formalise/upgrade cycling and walking links between Loans village and Troon town. The design process was undertaken in financial year 2012/13 and identified a range of measures that will provide for safe and convenient links from Old Loans Road to community facilities such as Troon Railway Station and Marr College. With a view to providing users with continuous links, both new and existing routes have been identified and works will comprise resurfacing of existing active travel routes, replacement kerbing, installation of advisory cycle lanes and use of on-road cycle route signs.
South Ayrshire South Ayrshire Council Cycles A70 A70 Ayr to Coylton Cycle Link Phases 2 and 3 £212,000
South Ayrshire South Ayrshire Council Cycles 7 Cycling Improvements (Doonfoot to Craig Tara) £153,000
South Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire Council Cycles Hamilton to East Kilbride cycle route
South Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire Council Cycles A724 Hamilton to Rutherglen cycle route On-road cycle lanes
South Lanarkshire South Lanarkshire Council Cycles 74 NCN 74 completion (Larkhall to Douglas)
West Dunbartonshire West Dunbartonshire Council Cycles A82 Clydebank North Circular Link Shared-use footway £33,000 Using the footway of the A82 to provide a link along the northern end of Clydebank between the Forth & Clyde Canal at Great Western Retail Park and Erskine Bridge, where it joins existing infrastructure
West Dunbartonshire West Dunbartonshire Council Cycles A813 Dumbarton Central Station to Jamestown cycle route Shared-use footway £22,000 Using the footways of Townend Road and A813 as well as Vale of Leven Industrial Estate

Here is presented a selection of suggestions for future cycle routes. Comments on these routes are always welcome. If you would like to provide feedback on any of these routes then please email your comments.

Developing the National Cycle Network around Glasgow

Map showing possible future National Cycle Network routes around Glasgow

At the moment, the National Cycle Network routes around the Glasgow area form a rather sparce network of routes. Indeed there are more motorways within Glasgow's boundaries than NCN routes. But once outside of Glasgow, these routes see very little interaction with other NCN routes, so don't form much of a network for much of the population. However, there are a handful of other longer-distance routes which could be brought into the National Cycle Network, and indeed Sustrans has already allocated an NCN number to the Strathkelvin Railway Path as well as proposing extensions to link in with other NCN routes. The map above shows my ideas for the development of the network, and is not endorsed by anyone else. The main features are:

(Note that the proposals below are now out of date and various changes to routes have since happened)

Glasgow East - Coatbridge

Map showing possible future cycle routes between Glasgow East and Coatbridge

These three routes should not be considered as different options for one final route. Instead they can all be developed together, with each route serving a different market. The first is intended as a 24-hour route, usable night and day, whilst the others are aimed more at the leisure market. Each route makes better use of existing infrastructure, with only a limited amount of new build. The second two have substantial common sections, and can be developed together.Map showing possible future cycle route between Coatbridge and Strathclyde Park

Coatbridge - Strathclyde Park

This route provides a direct link between Coatbridge and Strathclyde Park, via Bellshill. There are already plans for a link between the Sustrans cycle route at Uddingston and Strathclyde Park, but this is a rather long way round to get from Coatbridge to the park. Similarly it is possible to go from Coatbridge along the Monkland Canal to Calderbank, then through Eurocentral and Holytown, but again going via Bellshill is more direct. The route makes extensive use of existing minor side streets, many of which already have "Twenty's Plenty" advisory speed limits, and some existing paths through parks. The major issue here is how to get through Shawhead Junction, where the A725, B7070 and A8 meet up, creating a hellish roadscape for the would-be law-abiding cyclist.

There are no doubt many other potential future cycle routes in the Glasgow area. If you would like to suggest any routes please email your comments.

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