Pedestrian Zone

This is a pedestrian crossing and the green man is on!

Above is a picture of a pedestrian crossing in Glasgow. The green man is on and the pedestrians are trying to cross the road. However, selfish motorists have stopped on the crossing and are making it very difficult for the pedestrians to get across. This is a major road crossing where pedestrian flows are high.

This is a footway, but it is blocked by a lorry!

Here is a footway in Glasgow. A pedestrian is attempting to walk down the footway but is forced into the roadway because some arrogant motorist has parked a lorry on the footway, only a few metres away from a legitimate loading bay.

Why is no-one doing anything about this? The police only seem interested in driving in pedestrian precincts rather than setting an example and arresting motorists who drive or park where they are not supposed to. When will the council and government wake up to the fact that pedestrians get a very raw deal and are constantly under oppression from the greedy motoring lobby and their thoughtless collaborators?

There is no pedestrian route around this demolition site, and no signs directing pedestrians to cross over either!

Here pedestrians are forced to mingle with vehicular traffic on a busy main road, because no pedestrian route has been created around the enclosure around a demolition site. There are also no signs telling pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road, thus breaching the relevant rules.

Any fool will tell you this is wrong!

Things are not helped when roads authorities canít even be bothered getting really basic things right. This pedestrian crossing has the stop line for vehicles to stop at right in the middle. Why is this so difficult to get right?

The green man is on here too!

The green man is on here too. Look, you can see his leg!


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