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“I love my radio, my DJ’s radio” – Taffy

Bouncin’ BeatsPeople ask me where I find out about all the strange music I listen to. Mainly it’s from the radio. Have a look at the following:


Felonious Munk, Sunny G1200-1400
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:103.5FMListen Online:live
The Early Music Show, BBC Radio 31400-1500
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:92.1FM, DABListen Online:live
Elsewhere:90-93FM, DAB (UK)most recent
David Rodigan, BBC Radio 1Xtra1900-2100
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:DABListen Online:live
Elsewhere:DAB (UK)most recent
Across The Line, BBC Radio Ulster 2000-2200
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:1341MW (outside usual reception area) Listen Online:live
Elsewhere:92-95FM, 1341MW, DAB (Northern Ireland) most recent
Neil Crud, Tudno FM2200-0000
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:NoneListen Online:live
Elsewhere:107.8FM (Llandudno area) 
Reggae Show, Sunny G2100-2300
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:103.5FMListen Online:live
Nigel Ogden: The Organist Entertains, BBC Radio 2 2300-2330
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:89.9FM, DAB Listen Online: live
Elsewhere: 88-91FM, DAB (UK) most recent
Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 10100-0400
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:99.5FM, DABListen Online:live
Elsewhere:97-99FM, DAB (UK) most recent
Soundscapes with Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Ulster2200-2300
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow: 1341MW (outside usual reception area) Listen Online: live
Elsewhere:92-95FM, 1341MW, DAB (Northern Ireland) most recent
Electric Mainline, BBC Radio Foyle 1900-2000
Radio Frequencies: Glasgow: NoneListen Online: live
Elsewhere:93.1FM, 792MW (Foyle area) most recent
Colin Young's Trunk of Funk, BBC Local Radio in the Midlands 2200-0100
Radio Frequencies: Glasgow: NoneListen Online: live
Elsewhere:various FM, DAB (across the Midlands) most recent
B.Traits, BBC Radio 1 0100-0400
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow: 99.5FM, DABListen Online: live
Elsewhere:97-99FM, DAB (UK) most recent
Richard Green's Retro Show, BBC Radio Devon 1200-1400
Radio Frequencies: Glasgow: NoneListen Online: live
Elsewhere:95.7/103.4FM, DAB (Devon) most recent
Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales2200-0100
Radio Frequencies:Glasgow:882MW (outside usual reception area) Listen Online:live
Elsewhere:93-96/104FM, 657/882MW, DAB (Wales) most recent

A full list of radio available in Glasgow can be found at

Online Music Channels

International Music Programmes

Full Short Wave frequency guides can be found at EiBi and Shortwave Schedule. For Long and Medium Wave frequencies see the Medium Wave List.


All frequencies listed above are receivable in Glasgow (not necessarily with brilliant reception in some cases); additional frequencies may be available in other areas. Some stations have satellite frequencies – some are even on short wave – see websites for information. For medium wave and long wave frequencies, remember to turn your radio round to get the best signal.

(All times UK local: GMT/UTC winter, BST {UTC+1} summer)


I don’t read a great deal about music but these are worth a look:

See My Favourite Bands for examples of some of the music I like.


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The SawLady plays the musical saw, and a variety of other unconventional instruments.

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“Please Don’t Sandblast My House” is by 1000 Violins.

If you’re in need of an interlude go to Test Card Music.

Old keyboards can be found at the Synthmuseum.

Much of today’s electronic music owes a debt to Raymond Scott.

Radiofeeds Links to UK radio stations broadcasting online can be found at Radiofeeds, for Ireland at Eire FM, for Russia at Rambler Radio, all over Europe at and for many international stations at World Radio Network and Music Goal. Eire FM

Keep up to date with happenings in the media and on the radio with Media Network.

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