Cycle Facilities on Google's Street View

Website by Andy Preece

This page could get silly. Now Glasgow is in Google's Street View system, we can show off all the cycle facilities without having to go and take a camera! So here goes.

Glasgow's shortest cycle lane, Hawthorn Street.

Glasgow's shortest cycle lane with a car parked in it, also Hawthorn Street.

More parking in cycle lanes, Corkerhill Road.

A cycle lane you have to cross the "Give Way" line of a side road in order to enter, Wallacewell Road.

This cycle lane you have to cross hatching to enter..., ...avoiding the parked cars..., ...and the pedestrian crossing..., ...and more parked cars..., ...then it just disappears..., ...starts again..., ...tells you to cycle on the pavement..., ...cross the Toucan Crossing and jump into the Advance Stop Line box, Westerhouse Road.

Glasgow's most desolate cycle route, Lillyburn Place.

Unfinished Advance Stop Lines, Paisley Road.

Spot the shared pedestrian/cycle use sign, Cowcaddens Road.

What does this sign mean? Top half - is it straight on? And which secondary school? Bottom - is that also cycle directions? Clarence Drive.

Well-used cycle parking (but you should have seen what was there before), Buchanan Bus Station.

Not so well-used cycle parking (wheel-twisters don't give a bike proper support), Clyde Auditorium.

Road closure with gap for cycles, Kingsborough Gardens.

Another road closure with gap for cycles, Eriska Avenue.

Road closure without gap for cycles, Novar Drive.

Is there any reason cycles shouldn't be allow through here? David Street.

Tropical cycle facilities, West Street.

Cobbled cycle lane (and van in bus gate), Hope Street.

Speed cushions positioned where they will encourage motorists to drive in the cycle lanes, Garrioch Road.

The cycle lane for middle-of-the-road cyclists, Cambridge Street.

The cycle route to nowhere, Pacific Quay.

The cycle route goes straight on but the crossroads has been removed, Polmadie Road.

Overranking taxis queuing across a pedestrian crossing, Gordon Street.

The council that needs to check this No Turn Left Except Buses sign, Nithsdale Road, which should be updated to exempt taxis and cycles too.

Looks like Google didn't notice the No Motor Vehicles signs, Gordon Street.

Or these Buses Only signs, Cathedral Street.

Or here, Hotspur Street.

It isn't just Google that's being naughty, a lorry is caught going through a fire path at Regent Moray Street.

However, Google didn't violate these No Vehicles, Skateboarding or Rollerskating signs, Royal Exchange Square.

A close shave with a low bridge, Lochburn Road.

This van wasn't so lucky, Drummore Road.

Returning to cycle facilities, East Kilbride isn't much better. This cycle path has no dropped kerb at its entrance, East Kilbride Road.

Look at the pot holes on this cycle route, minor road between Cambuslang and Blantyre.

If you think that Eastwood would be better, take a look at this random Give Way, Fenwick Road, approaching Glasgow.

If you have a cycle route that needs looked at then tell me all about it!

Website by Andy Preece