Unofficial Cycle Routes - Pollok Park to City Centre

Website by Andy Preece

This route links Pollok Park to the City Centre, passing through Pollokshaws, Shawlands, Queen's Park and Govanhill. The first section of this route may become an official cycle route in the future. Connections may be made with the Sustrans National Cycle Network at Pollok Park and the City Centre.

Starting from the main entrance to Pollok Park at Pollok Avenue, exit left onto Pollokshaws Road, then turn right at the cycle right turn bit into Christian Street. Turn left into Well Green, then straight on and second right into Greenview Street. This street becomes Pleasance Street, then Coustonholm Road. At the end, cross Kilmarnock Road and go into Regwood Street (in the other direction use Holmbank Avenue). Turn left into Deanston Drive. Queen’s Park is at the far end of this road, across Langside Avenue. Go through the park to reach Govanhill and the City Centre.

Enter the park and bear left, keeping the museum and pond on your left. At the pond fork right, to exit the park onto Balvicar Drive, then head straight across Queen’s Drive into Albert Avenue. This section is signed as a cycle route. Follow this street round to the right, then turn left into Victoria Road. Follow Victoria Road straight on through Govanhill and continue straight on into Pollokshaws Road at Eglinton Toll.

There is a choice of routes for the City Centre. Either continue straight on into Gorbals Street and cross the Victoria Bridge into Stockwell Street, using the bus lanes, or fork left at Surrey Street for a quieter route that uses the pedestrian suspension bridge to end up at St Enoch Square. Surrey Street has a cycle track across the footway of Pollokshaws Road, allowing cyclists direct access to this street.

Go straight on from Surrey Street into Stirlingfauld Place, crossing Cumberland Street. At the end, go straight on at the roundabout into the car park, and bear right down a slight slope into Portugal Street. Watch out for fast traffic crossing at the junctions of Bedford Street and Bedford Lane. Continue straight on through the posts and turn left into Norfolk Court, following it around the corner of the tower block. Cross straight over Norfolk Street into Nicholson Street and turn first left into Oxford Street, then first right into South Portland Street. Go straight on onto the suspension bridge, but note that cycling is, for some reason, not permitted.

To access the Sustrans National Cycle Network, turn left on leaving the bridge and go down the ramp onto the riverside path. To get to St Enoch Square bear left on leaving the bridge and use the Toucan Crossing to cross Clyde Street into Dixon Street. St Enoch Square is at the far end of this street, and by using the vehicle route on the west side of the square, it is possible to get close to Argyle Street where cycle parking stands are located, although you will need to dismount for the last section past the Underground station entrance.

Those heading west towards Bell's Bridge and the SECC along the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75 could turn left from South Portman Street into the cobbled Carlton Place, then cross straight over Bridge St into Clyde Place and turn right immediately before the next junction to use the cycle track on the eastern side of King George V Bridge to connect with the riverside cycle route. This avoids the poorly designed ramp connecting the suspension bridge to the riverside path. NB: Clyde Place is one-way eastbound at present, so use the northern footway to get to George V Bridge.

NB: Please note that Streetmap does not at present show any paths or rights of way that do not form part of vehicular roads. This means that the pedestrian suspension bridge mentioned above is not marked on the map. However, by clicking on this satellite photo, you will be able to verify that the bridge does indeed exist!

Website by Andy Preece