Unofficial Cycle Routes - Fenwick to Kilmarnock

Website by Andy Preece

This route connects the Newton Mearns to Fenwick cycle route (built as part of the M77 motorway project) on to the next large settlement, Kilmarnock. There is a cycle route along the main road, but it is mostly a bamboozling collection of painted cycle lanes and randomly selected footways. Instead, this route follows country lanes, including one with a ford, and takes a slight detour to go through the Dean Castle Country Park.

Starting on the approach to Fenwick, turn left at the first roundabout (due to the arrangement of the cycle path you will need to double back on the side road on the right) and go under the motorway into Fenwick village. Turn right in the village to head along the main street.

At a right-hand bend in the road, turn left down Waterslaps and follow this country lane out of the village. Turn right at a T-junction at the end of the road. Pass one farm road on the right then take the next turning on the right, which is marked with a 'Ford' warning sign. (Alternatively you can head straight into Kilmarnock by continuing along the main road, which gets busier at the A77 junction.)

Continue along this road, crossing the ford with care (there is a bridge with steps to one side if the water is too deep), and follow the road as it climbs and passes under the A77 dual carriageway. Turn left at the end onto Assloss Road.

Follow this road towards Dean Castle Country Park and around a right-hand bend. Descend the hill with care and turn left just before the bridge over the river to enter the park. This path is marked as a cycle route within the park. Continue along to the end of this path and turn right over the river. After crossing the bridge, fork left and follow this road past the castle and local authority tearoom. Leave the park through the gates straight ahead and turn left onto Dean Road.

Cross the bridge over the river and immediately turn right onto a narrow path alongside the river. At the end of this path, at a bridge with steps, turn left onto another path to avoid the steps. This path connects onto Townholm Road. Follow this road out towards the main road.

Fork right at Strawberrybank Road and continue straight on onto High Street and the one-way system. To get to the station, turn right with care at the next junction, into Union Street. Turn left into Church Street, a lane between the church and a car park. At the end of the lane turn right into the car park where you will see cycle route markings near the railway viaduct. These lead to a crossing across Portland Street and turn left on the far side to join Hill Street.

Continue straight along Hill Street and enter the station at the rear entrance, just at the bend in the road. A staircase leads from this subway up to the platforms. If you prefer to avoid this, turn left from Hill Street into Garden Street through the viaduct arches, then turn right onto the footway at the end of the road to get to the cobbled ramp at the front of the station. A gate leads onto the platform at the very top. Alternatively, you may wish to join the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 73 onwards from Kilmarnock to Irvine and Ardrossan. In this case, continue up Hill Street, or from Union Street continue around the one-way system onto Portland Street, and turn left into Witch Road, following the signs.

Website by Andy Preece