Unofficial Cycle Routes - Uddingston to Strathclyde Park & Chatelherault

Website by Andy Preece

This route connects the Sustrans National Cycle Network Route 75 in Uddingston to Strathclyde Park and Chatelherault Country Park, mainly using minor roads and paths, and parts of this route are along National Cycle Network Route 74. Indeed, it is possible to cycle all the way from Glasgow to Chatelherault on either cycle route or paths. The route does encounter one location where it is necessary to cross busy roads, on entering Strathclyde Park, where there are pedestrian crossing signals. This route connects with the unofficial cycle routes from Strathclyde Park to Coatbridge, East Kilbride and Bellshill, and shares part of its route with that from Uddingston to Motherwell.

Starting on the Sustrans route from Glasgow, near Uddingston railway station, cross the Toucan Crossing across Main Street and head east along the cycle route on a path that follows the railway line for a short while. The path then joins Mansfield Drive, from where the signposted cycle route turns left into North British Road to head for Tannochside and Coatbridge. To get to Strathclyde Park or Chatelherault, leave this cycle route by heading straight on across North British Road at the junction, onto a path that goes down the right hand side of a new housing development.

On reaching the end of the path cross Bellshill Road and continue straight on along Wilkie Road. At the end, continue straight on onto another path. At the end of this continue straight on along Knockburnie Road. At the end of this road go straight on onto another path, but turn right immediately into Appledore Crescent. Follow this road round to the left, and continue straight on across the Fallside Road mini-roundabout into Olifard Avenue.

At the end of Olifard Avenue, continue straight on through a line of bollards and turn left onto what looks like a path, but is in fact a minor road, The Glebe. Immediately turn right, doubling back, onto Bothwellpark Road. Take the first left into Laighlands Road, and then left at the end into the foot of Langside Road.

All that remains to get to Strathclyde Park, entering via the northern entrance, is to negotiate the M74 motorway junction. A new cycle route with toucan crossings and footbridges will shortly replace this section of the route. But for now, turn left onto the footway of the A725 at the foot of Langside Road and follow it on the left hand side approaching the traffic signals at the motorway junction roundabout. Cross the pedestrian crossings across to the centre of the roundabout, then back to the outside of the roundabout, under the motorway bridge, then across a motorway slip road, rejoining the carriageway once past the roundabout and onto the road into Strathclyde Park.

Once in the park you can go either way around Strathclyde Loch, but watch out for the Road Train that runs on the path around the loch between the Watersports Centre and Café at the Hamilton side of the park and the funfair on the Bellshill side of the park.

To continue to Chatelherault Country Park, turn right off the road just past a road junction and take the path anti-clockwise around Strathclyde Loch, heading towards the Watersports Centre and Café. Fork right away from Strathclyde Loch before reaching the Centre, joining a park road, and then turn right over a footbridge across the River Clyde. Turn left along the Avon Walkway just before the motorway bridge.

Follow this path under a couple of main road bridges and alongside the Avon Water until you get to a small park. Here take a left turn across the park and continue along the walkway. Once under another road bridge you reach the end of the path. Turn left over a cobbled bridge then head up away from the bridge, forking right along the track marked for Chatelherault Country Park. Continue along this track until you reach Chatelherault House. Go to the rear of the house to access the path network within the Country Park, which forms an elongated figure of eight around the park, and includes some steep gradients and steps when crossing the river.

Website by Andy Preece